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Commercial Financing and Preparing Pro Forma Operating Statements on Commercial Property

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How to Get Commercial Financing on a Newly Purchased Commercial Property

Your client buys a commercial property at a foreclosure sale and moves his own company into the building. The building is run down, so your client fixes it up very nicely. Then he wants to pull out his cash by refinancing the commercial building and obtaining a larger commercial mortgage loan.

The commercial bank to whom you have taken his commercial mortgage loan request asks for a pro forma operating statement, but you have a problem. Because your client has owned the property for just four months, you have no operating expense history on the building. What do you do?

The answer is to simply assume the commercial building is leased on a triple net basis. Just assume the tenant pays all of the expenses, except for reserves and management.

You can simply pull a figure out of the air and declare it to be the fair market triple net rent for the property. (The appraiser hired by the bank will eventually determine if your guess was accurate.) Take off 5% for Vacancy and Collection Loss to arrive at the Effective Gross Income. Then deduct, say, 4% of the Effective Gross Income for management and another 3% for Reserves for Replacements.

Voila! You have just produced a Pro Forma Operating Statement on a commercial property with no operating expense history. Sneaky and cool, huh?

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