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The Owner/User Group has been helping entrepreneurs and independent investors generate wealth through commercial real estate for over 25 years. With extensive experience gained from working all sides of the deal, whether you are Selling, Buying, Leasing, or Exchanging, the Owner/User Group offers a full-service operation to assist you with all your commercial real estate needs.

If you are Selling, Buying, or Exchanging, we will help you navigate through the entire real estate transaction process from arranging tours, negotiating price and terms, identifying suitable properties, to managing the closing process. To make for a seamless closing, we have several resources available for your convenience, including but not limited to: escrow/title, property inspections, notaries, appraisals, general contractors, and financing options (conventional or SBA).

If you are Leasing, we will help you identify which type of lease will be ideal for your specific needs (I.e., Gross, Modified Gross, Full-Service Gross, or Triple Net). After this is established, we can then proceed with the property search, arrange for tours, and lease negotiations.

The Owner/User Group works on all sides of the real estate business. We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of services to help you achieve your real estate goals, whether you are looking to Buy, Sell, or Lease a commercial property.


✔ Seller
✔ Buyer
✔ Landlord
✔ Tenant

Selling, Buying, and Leasing in the following property types:

✔ Office
✔ Industrial
✔ R&D
✔ Flex
✔ Investment

Investor Services:

✔ Acquisition
✔ Disposition

Investor Education:

✔ Steps to Acquire
✔ Steps to Own
✔ Steps to Sell

Broker/Agent Education:

✔ How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate as a Broker/Agent
✔ How to Work with Sellers, Buyers, Landlords, and Tenants

Other Services:

✔ Market Analysis
✔ Property Valuations
✔ Transaction Management

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